Urgent ESTA application

Require an ESTA urgently?

Travellers who are leaving for the USA within three days and do not yet have an ESTA can submit an urgent application. Urgent applications for the ESTA USA are granted, on average, within an hour. You can also apply for an ESTA at the airport if necessary, but keep in mind that delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Apply for an urgent ESTA now

You can submit an urgent ESTA application with the standard application form. In this form, you are asked if your application has to be processed urgently. If you select this option, your application will be processed with priority.

Apply for an urgent ESTA now

Applying for an ESTA is mandatory for all travellers to the United States with a business or tourist travel purpose. This requirement also applies to children and babies.

Flying to the USA

Delivery time for urgent applications

The delivery time of the ESTA USA can in no way be guaranteed, even in urgent cases. Standard applications are granted, on average, within three days. Applications with an urgent delivery are processed faster, so they are granted on average within an hour.

Delays because of random checks or technical errors

Whether you submitted a standard application or an urgent application, there is a possibility that your application might be subjected to a more extensive random check. There could be other reasons that cause delays in the ESTA delivery time. For example, there is often a delay in processing an ESTA application if it turns out that the traveller has violated visa rules in the past or for some other reason has had problems with the US immigration service.

Another reason why the ESTA delivery time cannot be guaranteed is the possibility of technical errors. Should this occur, then there is a force majeure and there may be a delay in processing your application.

Keep in mind that submitting a second ESTA application will never ensure that you receive an ESTA faster. In comparison, submitting a second application can only cause more delays. The only situation in which it makes sense to submit a second application is if you made a mistake in entering your passport details in a previous ESTA application.

Apply in advance if possible

Due to the above reasons, it is recommended that you submit your application well before departure. This will not only save you the surcharge charged for an urgent delivery but also avoid the uncertainty of whether you will receive your ESTA on time.

Issuance ESTA faster than visa

The ESTA delivery time is shorter than the delivery time of a US visa, even if you do not apply for an urgent ESTA. The delivery times of US visas can take up to several weeks or months, while the ESTA delivery time is about three days on average in comparison.

Anyone who is planning to apply for a visa for a trip to the United States would do well to first check whether it is possible to apply for an ESTA. This travel authorisation is sufficient for many tourists and business travellers. Business travellers, who often stay in the USA for quite a long time, often apply for a visa. However, in many cases, this is not necessary. This is good to know, as the application procedure for the ESTA is easier, quicker and cheaper than that of a visa. For more information about this subject, read the page about working with an ESTA or a visa in the USA.

When should I apply for an urgent ESTA?

If you are leaving on short notice and do not yet have an ESTA, you can use the “Urgent Delivery” option. The usual requirements for this travel authorisation also apply in this case. For example, the purpose of travel has to be business, tourism, or transit, and the stay cannot exceed 90 days. Only apply for an urgent ESTA if there is no other possibility to receive the travel authorisation on time.

Considerations for an urgent application

Keep in mind that delivery times cannot be guaranteed, even in the case of urgent applications. The average delivery time for urgent applications is one hour, not a maximum of one hour. In addition, even with urgent applications, make sure that you fill in the form accurately. It is possible to submit a new application to correct errors, but this often causes delays in the delivery time. Additionally, it is good to know that for using urgent delivery, a surcharge of £17,50 per person is charged. You pay these costs in addition to the cost of a standard application, which is £49,95 per ESTA.