ESTA validitiy

How long does an ESTA last?

The overall validity of the ESTA is two years, with a maximum length of stay of 90 days per visit. Each approved ESTA has a validity period of two years from the moment that it is issued. During this period, travelers can journey to the US as often as they wish, as long as each individual visit does not last longer than 90 consecutive days.

Mandatory for all travelers

Are you flying to the United States on business or tourism? Then you are obligated to apply for a travel permit. This applies to persons of all ages, including children. There are three types of documents that meet the requirements of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency to be allowed entry on US soil: an ESTA, a US visa or a US passport.

Valid for the travel purpose it was issued for

An approved ESTA USA is only valid if it is used during the validity period, and under the circumstances indicated during the application process. In case filled in answers with regards to safety questions, passport information, personal information or nationality in the ESTA form have changed after submitting the application, the validity of the ESTA expires. In order to still travel to the United States with a valid travel permit, it is necessary to submit a new application. If you travel information changes, such as the travel date or lodgings, then it is not necessary to start a new ESTA application.

An example

If you received a valid ESTA, you indicated that you have not been to Iraq since 2011. If you had been there, it would not have been approved. If after approval of the ESTA you still travel to Iraq, you still have your ESTA, but the validity of it expires. In case you do not keep track of things that might have changed in your situation which can influence the validity, it can occur that this only comes to light at the moment that you report at the US passport check, after the flight to the US. The immigration service can decide that you have unlawfully made use of the ESTA because the validity expired due to your trip to Iraq. You will then by deported from the country and will need to fly back to your home country on your own costs. It is therefore essential that you can always guarantee the validity of your ESTA.

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Validity with an expired passport

The ESTA has a validity of two years, during which an unlimited number of trips to the US can be made, each being allowed to last a maximum of 90 consecutive days. However, the ESTA can prematurely lose its validity of the passport with which it was applied for expires during this period. It is also not valid if the traveler uses a passport other than the one the ESTA was applied for. Although it is allowed to own two passports, it’s always necessary to at least bring the passport that was used during the application process with you. The reason for this is because of the automated digital link between the passport and the ESTA. Through this link, both the airline (during boarding) as well as US customs (on arrival) can check if the traveler possesses a valid ESTA. Check if your passport meets the requirements.

Extend ESTA validity

It is not possible to extend the validity of the ESTA. In case you wish to stay in the US for longer than 90 consecutive days, you need to apply for a US visa or the specific purpose of your trip. You cannot make use of the ESTA under the Visa Waiver Program.If the validity period of two years expires soon and you wish to extend it, you can submit a new ESTA application. The validity of the old ESTA expires when you do so, and you will have a new one with a new validity of two years from the moment it is issued.